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Flylow Chemical Pant

Check your Fly it might be low

chemical_brown_smI recently had an opportunity to test out he Flylow Chemical Pant for a day while cat skiing at Valhalla Powdercats. The first thing you notice when you pick up a pair of the Chemical Pants is how burly they are. Made from 3 layer Intuitive Fabric™ with Cordura knee an cuff reinforcement, you know these pants will take a beating. The pants fit very comfortably with free range of movement for those deep knee bends and I never felt like the pants were constraining my movements.  The Chemical Pant shed snow with ease and kept me dry all day. Right now, the only improvement I could think of would be to add some light insulation to the pant in the seat and thigh area ( I like to ski with only a lighter base layer ). Overall the Chemical Pant from Flylow provides you with a very durable, functionally stylish, waterproof pant for a fair price. Pair them up with the Tough Guy Gloves when you feel the need to be totally burly. Buy them online from Flylow.


BCA Tracker 2 Reviewd by

Three antennas, Simple operation

tracker2This year at Valhalla Powdercats they are using the new Tracker2 from Backcountry Access. It boasts the industry’s fastest, most precise pinpointing, with triple receive antenna, and instantaneous real–time display. We have used both the Tracker2 and the Tracker DTS, and one thing remains the same. Simple. Simple. Simple. There is no need to make what would be a difficult situation, (searching for a possible burial) any more complicated. The  BCA Tracker 2 is easy to use right out of the box, and accurate for searching if the situation arises. The Tracker2 has a thinner profile and harness than Tracker DTS, and also includes special mode and multiple burial indicator lights. At a super resonable price of $335 US (msrp), they are also very affordable. You can buy them online, or check them out in a store near you such as Union Cycle in Kelowna, BC.

Flylow Tough Guy Glove

Baked in the Gloven to keep you warm and dry!

So why are we spotlighting what appears to be a work glove on a catskiing site?  Well thats a good question... They are work gloves, yes: durable, comfortable, leather. but with a difference . These gloves have made the mystical journey through Flylow's gloven.  Triple baked and double coated with SnoSeal Bees Wax you can now wear these manly gloves with confidence in the snow and ice. 

Knowing that your gloves won't turn into a soggy mess is nice. Knowing that you only paid $28 for the gloves is even better.  Check out the Tough Guy gloves at Flylow's online store.


Outdoor Research goes searching for the Sidecountry

OR launches a new skier focused clothing line

Outdoor Research Sidecountry Clothing
For the 2010/10 season, Outdoor Research has come out with a Sidecountry clothing line. This line of clothing was designed more specifically for mechanized skiing (lift, cat, heli). Complete with all the things you look for in a regular ski jacket, but still with the great features and infinite guarantee you have come to expect from Outdoor Research.

Icebreaker Realfleece; They're real and they're spectacular

It's like wearing a sheep on your back, but less smelly

icebreaker-realfleece-topIcebreaker, which pioneered merino outdoor clothing in 1994, is introducing Realfleece in its Fall/Winter 2010 collection.  The team has been outfitted with realfleece this year and it is comfy and toasty.  Add this to an already great selection of base layers, and Icebreaker has everything you need to stay warm this winter. 

Realfleece is a premium natural alternative to a synthetic fleece – but, unlike synthetics, looks good enough to wear out socially. Made from the world’s best merino, grown by merino sheep in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, it’s exceptionally warm, soft and cosy.

The interior of each Realfleece garment has a terry knit construction, with loft that has been brushed to create air pockets that trap air and lock in body heat. The outside has a smooth, stylish, air-permeable jersey finish.

Realfleece garments are ideal to wear during low aerobic sports, such as hiking, and to warm up or warm down from high aerobic sports, such as running.

Having trouble packing your gear to go skiing?

The new Stash BC from bca delivers sleek design, with you in mind

The Stash BC from Backcountry Access is a great companion to have on any backcountry adventure. BCA designed this new pack with the the things you would want, like a freeze resistant hydration sleeve, and a ski carrying system that will accomodate todays fat skis.  The crew will be using these this season, and we like the thought they put into designing it with the backcountry skier in mind.  Click here to buy online or find a store near you.

2011 Rossignol S7 117 Koopman

big n stable, well rounded

2011 Rossignol S7 117 Koopman
Sizes: 176, 188, 195
Sidecut: 145|117|127
Special Features: Sandwich Construction, Wood/WRS Core, Flat Mount

This is one of the biggest, meanest and crazy stable backcountry skis we tested! The S7's features Rossignol Amptek profile combining, early raise tip and tail, camber underfoot, reverse sidecut in the tip and tail and sidecut underfoot. Rossignol has created the perfect powder tool for strong backcountry skiers who have a lust for the steep and deep. The word on the street is that a few of these behemoths have been released early. So you might see the new 2011 S7 (a.k.a. The Koopman) out in your favorite hardcore shop. You'll know it is them because they are HUGE! Oh, and they've been updated with interesting new graphics...

Visit the Rossignol Website here:

2011 Rossignol S6 Jib

better than I thought!

2011 Rossignol S6 Jib
Sizes: 174, 186
Sidecut: 135|106|129
Radius: 19.4m (174cm)
Special Features: Sandwich Construction, Wood/WRS Core, Flat Mount

When we first tried this ski it was at Big White Ski Resort and we were a little worried...then we took it to where it belonged: The BC backcountry. Off the Piste, in the powder an off the hits is where this ski shines. It became a crowd favorite amongst the testers. The grin on Adam's face after a run through some perfectly spaced trees.