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Calling all Powder Lovers

Reaching out to trendsetting international powder skiers who appreciate quality? are definitely at the right website. Cross marketing or specifically targeted, let's have a chat.

First, a little background. If you have heard of catskiing then you know that it caters to a specific slice of the skiing and snowboarding population. This site we have developed over the last few years has become a resource for catskiers and boards and also a place for curious people who have had a taste of the powder and want more!

A word about Site Traffic

Hits, pageviews, links, time on the site, page ranking
...what does really do for you?

We could try to cook up the books and tell you we have 4 bajillion hits a month and a mega amount of page views and a profitable CPM program but we aren't going to. We base the value of our site on the quality of visitors that we have. You don't just stumble upon a site like ours, you are already on the search.

Authentic Social Media Engagement

We know the power of social media and understand that your target market responds to visual content. We also understand that it is critical to engage your potential customer in an ethical way. We strive to engage real followers so that the quality of our content reaches people who actually want to hear about what you are offereing. Our main methods of social media messaging takes place on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

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Interested in Physical Product Reviews?

we do love to get our hands on, and show a different side of products
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Or perhaps a unique sponsorship?

traditional is out, creative is in.
... let's find a way to push the boundaries of how companies and their audiences find and interact with each other...and maybe have a little fun along the way!

Hey, we know we are trying to sell banner ads but they seem to be more of a supportive tool rather than a tactic that drives traffic. If you are in business, we know you need to see your marketing dollars turn into sales. If it don't make dollars then it don't make sense! That is why pursuing a partnership with can get you some incredible value. As a strategic partner (that is our fancy term for sponsorship!) you would have the opportunity to be featured in:

  • Spot 3 on our Right Column Incline Rectangle Banner
  • In-depth reviews of your product(s) on our site
  • Logo in the credits of our Cat Operation Video Reviews
  • Opportunity to participate in online contests
  • Periodic sponsored posts embedded in our daily content
  • If a product is supplied, it will be seen in all of our photography and video content

Wait! There's more. As an added bonus we'll...

If you choose to partner with us whether is be a banner ad, a sponsorship a gear review or anything else we can dream up, you will automatically be included on our sister site: This is a limited offer for the 2015/16 season only. 

Also, anything posted on our site will be featured on our Facebook page as well as on our Twitter.