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Single or Multi Day Trips

$200 - $400 per day

2 Terrain Areas

1 Snowcats

Chic-Chac is an hostel located in Murdochville, Québec. Murdochville is a little town right in the middle of the Chic-Chocs mountains. Winter in Murdochville means one thing: an annual snowfall average of 7 meters. The snow is considered mostly dry, and the skiing conditions are well known to be nothing but great. Activites to consider? Out-of-bounds skiing, snowshoe expeditions and many hikes are available. The Chic-chocs mountains are a huge playground, it really is up to you to make the most out of it. Fortunately, we love to share all our experiences, and have chic-chac skiing combos available for all your needs.

  • Cat-ski and accommodations packages available.
  • Food: breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided in all our packages.
  • Lodging: Available.
  • Tailored packages available.