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It all came together on Day 3 at Valhalla Powder Cats

One Part Sunshine, Two Parts Powder = Epic Catskiing


At the end of our second day catskiing at Valhalla Powder Cats, the snowfall that the weather forecasters had promised started to fall. The town of Nelson was serene and silent as the snow came down and our anticipation of the next day started to grow. We woke up to about five centimeters in town which translated to much more in the alpine.

We made the trek up to the Valhalla weather plot where each day is started and to our delight there was what looked like 15-20 cms of fresh Kootenay powder...and the sun came out! The first few runs were mayhem, we felt like kids in a candy store. Our guides Josh and Caleb made sure our group made the best of the sunshine taking us to runs where we could shred the fresh pow while basking in the sun glowing overhead.

Mid-day the 'Kootenay Ocean' grew larger and consumed the Valhalla's. It then started to snow a little which quickly turned into alot. As the flakes got larger we got deeper and deeper into the terrain and explored further than we ever had this early in the season. The features we saw had our heads spinning looking at all of the options. The Valhallla catskiing terrain is so varied giving every ridge line and aspect a different feel and vibe. We left the day completely satisfied and stoked to come back and see what else we can find waiting for us deep in the Valhalla's...

Thanks to all of the guides, staff and the rest of our catskiing group for an amazing experience at Valhalla Powdercats!

Stay tuned for more pictures from our 3-days of powder skiing at Valhalla Powdercats.