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The latest news from the catskiing / snowcat industry.  Where to ski, who has snow, whats happening.  We also post reviews of the latest gear, skis, and some general interest stuff.  Be sure to check for last minute deals to make your winter vacation the best.

Ski bum combo. Heli, Resort, and Catskiing

Chatter Creek. Photo: Dylan Page

Premier Boutique Heliskiing Operation Creates All-inclusive Package Combining Heliskiing With Resort Skiing at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and Catskiing at Chatter Creek

Golden, BC, Canada (September 10, 2009) - Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is excited to announce the creation of 2 types of packages that combine resort skiing at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort with heli-skiing at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing and catskiing at Chatter Creek in the powder-choked Selkirk and Purcell Mountains of interior British Columbia.

Shane McConkey Tribute Ski


To celebrate Shane’s life, K2 Skis is releasing a limited edition Shane McConkey Ski, built on the Pontoon chassis. Graphically inspired by Shane’s personality, ability, and many contributions to our sport, the ski will be available at participating authorized K2 Dealers and beginning in October. Approximately 500 pair of the unique, individually numbered, commemorative skis will be produced and sold world wide. All net proceeds generated by sales of the Shane McConkey Tribute ski, will be donated to Shane’s family.

Mustang Powder Increase Terrain

More Terrain at Mustang Powder for 2009/2010

As a result of a deal with neighbouring Eagle Pass Heli skiing, Mustang Powder now has the use of some crazy cool new terrain. They are also gaining improved access to some old runs which, due to the inefficiency of the snowroad system,  were rarely used.  The real story here  is that this opens up some really big terrain with  long spectacular runs – normally only seen in the heli skiing industry.

So this news comes to us on the first rainy day of the summer. I find this kind of funny 'cause as the skys turned grey this afternoon I started to dream about when the snow is coming... Needless to say, news of expansion plans at Mustang Powder gets us going!

Big Red Cats to open 2 new mountains for 2009/10

2 mountains...

Catskiing Rossland BC British Columbia

Big Red Cats announced it will open 2 new mountains for cat skiing and riding for the coming winter 2009/2010.   Guests that ski with Big Red Cats will now be able to ski 7 summits of untracked powder. The addition of the 2 new mountains will be Big Red Cats 6th and 7th mountains, and are called Claw Mountain and Mt China .   The 2 new mountains will open up about another 3,000 acres of skiable terrain.   This will allow Big Red Cats to use virtually all of its nearly 19,000 acres of terrain.    The new mountains will also open about 100 new runs that have never been skied before.    Big Red Cats also plans to do extensive glading for the coming winter. Click the "Read More" for all the juicy details...

Ski Legend Shane McConkey Dies in Italy

such a nice guy!

shane_mcconkeyOne of the most influential skiers of our time passed away in a tragic Ski B.A.S.E. accident in Italy on March 26, 2009. Shane McConkey is synonymous with pushing the limits of the ski industry and the perceptions people have about professional skiers. He will be missed but his legacy will live on for sure. How do I know? Well, those fat skis you are skiing on, thank Shane. Those reverse camber skis you see out there, Shane. Ski BASE jumping....yeah, Shane. This guy was a pioneer. And he did it with class and a love for life. I had a chance to meet Shane once at a ski show in Vegas. He and I talked about skiing in BC over a couple of Red Bulls and Jaegermeisters. Great guy, thanks for the inspiration.

Click here for the article on ESPN