Winter is coming! Time to start planning your trip to SWS for 2014/15

on Friday, 30 May 2014. Posted in Powder Skiing

Only a few spots left...Early bird gets the pow!

Winter is coming! Time to start planning your trip to SWS for 2014/15

Are these long summer days and warm weather getting you down? This may sound weird to some people, but if you're like us and you long for winter as soon as it's over, we understand. Well, here is great chance to start planning ahead for 2014/15 when the snow is falling again. The original catskiing operation, Selkirk Wilderness Skiing, has a few open spots for next season. As I can tell you from experience, their skiing is amazing the staff will welcome you to the lodge and treat you like you're part of the family. These dates never last long, so drop them a line and tell them sent you.

  • Tour #401, Dec.17-20/2014 (3 day package ~ 8 spaces available)
  • Tour #405, Jan.11-17/2015 (5 day package ~ 7 spaces available)
  • Tour #406, Jan.18-24, 2015 (5 day package ~ 6 spaces available)
  • Tour #413, March.8-14/2015 (5 day package ~ 1 space available)
  • Tour #414, March.15-21/2015 (5 day package ~ 2 spaces available)
  • Tour #416, Mar.29-Apr.4/2015 (5 day package ~ Open)

Travis Rice on the Roots of The Red Bull Supernatural and Baldface Catskiing

on Thursday, 01 May 2014. Posted in Powder Skiing

Getting back to the roots of snowboarding to discover the future.

Travis Rice is truely a modern day pioneer of the sport of snowboarding. He gives a lot of credit to Craig Kelly for inspiring him but up and comers are looking to Travis for their inspiration. In this video Travis along with other Red Bull Supernatural stars explain what led them to BaldFace Catskiing and why they do what they do.

Orage Masters IX at Retallack Catskiing

on Wednesday, 16 April 2014. Posted in Powder Skiing

Booters, Pow, Metal, Superheros and Flamingos

It all happened on March 25th to 28th at Retallack Catskiing Lodge - The Orage Masters Competition. Not alot of pow to drool over in this vid but tonnes of backcountry booter action in an unreal backcountry catskiing setting. Enjoy watching the fun times as you get stoked for next season!

Here is a little explanation of what this event is:

The Orage Masters event is a team vs team battle of fun, bragging rights and ski trickery that leaves athletes and spectators speechless and begging for more. This year, skiing's one and only "anti-comp" is headed to the backcountry of Retallack lodge, BC with 10 of the most diverse skiers in the world, each set to show the world what a good time looks like… and maybe win $10,000 dollars cold hard cash along the way compliments of Orage and Outdoor Technology.

Check out more of the action here:

First Day of Spring?

on Saturday, 22 March 2014. Posted in Powder Skiing, CatSkiing Reviews

Snow and Sun at Valhalla Powdercats

First Day of Spring?

The first day of Spring arrived and for the people down in the valley bottom it was a warm and sunny day. The grass was starting to green, birds were fluttering about and people were feeling like the grip of winter was starting to loosen. Not for us though...

We found ourselves at the end of a 3-Day trip to Valhalla Powdercats where winter had decided to give it another go. We got out of the cat at the weather station to 22cms of new snow on top of the 10cms from the day before (that is a foot of fresh for those American readers!). To make the situation just a little more epic, the sun happened to make an appearance throughout the day.

Run after run of powder and sunshine was the order of the day. We have had the experience of sunny snowfall which is always majestic when one finds themselves in the middle of the Valhalla's with a close group of friends.

For those of you who are on the fence about a late March catskiing trip, don't hesitate. This is the third season in a row where we have had remarkable conditions.

Here are a few shots from the trip. We have plenty more coming so stay tuned for a full gallery:

March Madness

on Thursday, 20 March 2014. Posted in Powder Skiing

Spring Break at it's best

March Madness

Our late March trip to Valhalla Powdercats brought sunshine to start........ and then it snowed. Day 2 brought 10 cm of fresh and it kept snowing all day. The steep chutes and trees kept us stoked all day long. It's supposed to keep snowing, and we can only imagine how much deeper tomorrow will get. In the past ten years of skiing here, Valhalla always delivers.

Powder and Blue Skies at Island Lake Catskiing

on Tuesday, 18 February 2014. Posted in Powder Skiing

It was this good in January so imagine what it is like now!

Reports from Island Lake Catskiing throughout January were sounding pretty good. We got some great shots sent to us from Mike McPhee showing some nice pow and killer blue skies. While some pockets were in a bit of a drought, Island Lake was staying consistent. Now that BC is getting whalloped with some epic mid-winter pow just imaging what it is like up there now.

This video was shot during January 2014 by Nick Nault and features Mikey Witlox, Luke Nelson, Ben Ogilvie, Caleb Brown and Mark Butcher.

Enjoy this Pow Fix from Island Lake Catskiing! Photographer Geoff Holman featured in Digital SLR Magazine

on Friday, 07 February 2014. Posted in Powder Skiing

Getting attention for his unique shooting style in the backcountry. Photographer Geoff Holman featured in Digital SLR Magazine

Our resident photographer Geoff Holman has been featured in the February issue of Digital SLR Magazine. Two shots from Selkirk Wilderness Skiing and a deep forest shot of mountain biking in BC's Interior. Geoff has been working over the past few season to develop a unique style and adapt his equipment for mobile use in the backcountry. 

About the Photos:

Full Page - Geoff set this shot up at the end of a stormy day at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing. It was a dark day that usually makes ski photography a difficult task. With Geoff's lighting techniques he can light up the scene and get dramatic shot like this.

Half Page Ski - Again at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing but this time on a brighter day. Still using Geoff's lighting set up we get a shot that shows off the terrain but really highlights the action of the skier. It even enhances the texture of the snow.

1/4 Page Bike - It was a dry and dusty day in the BC Interior when we headed out to test some shots. We were looking for set up that could show the think foliage but still give Geoff the kicked up dust effect that ended up in this shot.

Geoff loves finding new set-ups and developing new techniques. Action photography is a great medium and the whole team at love pitching in and helping him realize his creations.

If you want to get yourself some amazing powder skiing like in the pictures above, check out Selkirk Wilderness Skiing. It will change your life.

Congrats Geoff on getting 'exposure' in another magazine!